Speech Therapy - Adolecents

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Adolescent Language Disorders

The period of adolescence spans seven or more years. When planning interventions the current stage needs to be considered to correspond with his or her social-cognitive level.

*Early Adolescence- More years of school ahead to improve academic performance and social interactions taking a more important role. Therapy to focus on language to improve both social and academic performance.

*Middle Adolescence- Peer relationships are very important and there is still some time left for academic input. Vocational may also emerge during this time. Therapy to focus on social, vocational, and academic language skills.

*Late Adolescence- Concerns about vocational options and employment are likely to be of most importance, as well as, peer relationships. For this group language objectives for vocational and social situations are the focus.

Characteristics of Adolescents with Language Disorders in Classrooms

The Student Does Not:

*Recall information presented in lessons; 

*Participate in lessons;

*Appear to listen to the teacher during lessons; 

*Get along well with peers;

*Meet minimum standards for academic work; 

*Participate in group discussions;

*Define words well or use them appropriately; 

*Organize work and materials;

*Learn from other students’ questions; 

*Work independently;

*Complete assignments on time or complete them at all; 

*Prepare for class.


The Student Does:

*Need additional prompting to follow directions to complete tasks within their ability;

*Demonstrate a negative attitude or approach to learning;

*Ask irrelevant questions; 

*Violate the rule of conversational discourse (Turn taking, accessing/closing conversations);

*Provide irrelevant answers to questions; 

*Express or organize ideas illogically;

*Converse in irrelevant ways with conversational partners.

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