Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What can we expect from our initial evaluation?  

A:  Here are a few things to expect when you take your loved one to a specialist for any type of speech and language evaluation.

The therapist will ask you questions about your:

  1. Family History

  2. Pre-natal History

  3. Pregnancy/Delivery

  4. Physical Development

  5. History of hospitalization/injuries/illnesses

  6. Communication History (including speech and language development information, which can all be found on our left navigation bar)

The more information you are able to share with the therapist more you will be helping your loved one. Seeing the "big picture" is imperative to future development and will allow them to diagnose your child more accurately and tailor therapy (if necessary) to treat your child’s deficits to the highest extent possible.

At the end of the speech and language evaluation, you will get to hear the Speech-Language Pathologist’s findings. 

Q.  My toddler doesn't respond to his/her name or follow commands.  I'm concerned, what should I do?

A:  The ability to understand language, following commands and responding to his or her name, is an essential building block in early learning. If your child isn't responding you may want to have them evaluated by a speech-language pathologist as soon as possible. 

Q:  My toddler isn't speaking yet! What should I do? 

A:  If by age 2 he or she isn't speaking or is unintelligible to family or familiar caregivers, ASHA recommends an evaluation that is comprised of a comprehensive assessment that would include a family interview and formal testing. 

Q:  My child may have a speech impediment, what should I do? 

A:  Depending on your child's age, a speech impediment or disorder might need to be treated by a speech therapist. If you are in doubt, please make a phone call to Speech Solutions to schedule an appointment with us and we will be more than happy to help you out. 

Q:  Where can my child receive speech therapy? 

A:  At Speech Solutions, we offer therapy appointments in our clinic weekly.  

Q:  How long does speech therapy take? 

A:  After your child is seen for an evaluation, the examiner will explain their findings and let you know if your child qualified for services or not. Generally, speech therapy sessions are 30 minutes a week, sometimes twice a week for 30 minutes. Course of treatment will vary with each child. At Speech Solutions, we tailor each treatment plan to the individual client. 

Q:  I think my child is stuttering.  How do I know for sure?

A:  Stuttering, also known as fluency disorder, can manifest in different ways. Some children will produce repetitions, some will stop in the middle of their words and repeat or prolong a syllable. Somewhere around 5% of children will experience a period of stuttering. If you believe your child is stuttering, the next step would be to have an evaluation done at our clinic.  

Q:  How do I contribute to my child's therapy? 

A:  Family is absolutely essential to therapy. At Speech Solutions, your child's therapist will go over a potential treatment plan for your child's needs. We will give you techniques and activities to do at home to further your child's progress. 

Q:  My child's teacher doesn't understand their disorder.  What do you suggest?

A:  At Speech Solutions, we're happy to help! Our therapist can come to your child's school for any meeting that you need us to. We will advocate for your child and help get them the services that are needed. We can help you better understand what an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is. IEP's should be in place at school when your child is receiving speech therapy services. We can help you understand this process from beginning to end. 

Q:  Will my insurance cover speech therapy? 

A:  Speech Solutions does accept most forms of insurance, including Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, Tri-Care, United Healthcare, and we can tell you if services will be covered. 

Q: How much does therapy cost without insurance coverage? 

A:  Please contact Speech Solutions and we will be happy to answer any questions. Medicaid is covered at 100%.