Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What can we expect from our initial evaluation?  

A:  Here are a few things to expect when you take your loved one to a specialist for any type of speech and language evaluation.

The therapist will ask you questions about your:

  1. Family History

  2. Pre-natal History

  3. Pregnancy/Delivery

  4. Physical Development

  5. History of hospitalization/injuries/illnesses

  6. Communication History (including speech and language development information, which can all be found on our left navigation bar)

The more information you are able to share with the therapist more you will be helping your loved one. Seeing the "big picture" is imperative to future development and will allow them to diagnose your child more accurately and tailor therapy (if necessary) to treat your child’s deficits to the highest extent possible.

At the end of the speech and language evaluation, you will get to hear the Speech-Language Pathologist’s findings.